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If you need fencing and fabrication services for your Adelaide home, then Outscape Constructions can help. We also offer more services in the area of landscaping design and construction.

Why do I need fencing?




Fences and gates can keep people out, as well as keep smaller family members in (like children and pets).



Your home should be a safe haven where you feel free to do what you want. Fencing can provide much needed privacy for sunbathing, exercising, outdoor cooking, eating, and relaxing.




Fencing can provide protection from the weather and the damages caused by wildlife. Fences will help keep your grass and landscaping in much better condition.



Fences can add to the value of a property and are a very worthwhile investment in your home.


A frame for your design

Fencing can provide great visual benefits, too. They can be used to frame your garden, provide or highlight a design feature, or act as the focal point of your frontage.


Fences make up a large part of any residential landscape. Don’t feel that colorbond boundary fencing is your only option. There are some fantastic fencing options out there, including custom fabricated options that we can make in our workshop. The possibilities are endless.

 Lightweight Walling

What type of fence should I get?

It really depends what you need the fence for. The types of fencing we can provide at Outscape Constructions include:


  • Colorbond boundary fencing
  • Glass pool fencing
  • Fabricated aluminium panel fencing
  • Timber feature fencing
  • Render panel fencing
  • Front boundary pillar walling and infill panels

We can create a fencing feature that is practical and fits naturally within any environment, enhancing the design of any outdoor area.


Why should I use Outscape Constructions for my fencing?

We see fencing as a really important part of the look and feel of your outside area.


Because Outscape Constructions offers full landscaping and construction services, when we build a fence or gate for you, we look at it in the context of your whole outdoor location.



Aluminium Materials

There are many materials to choose from. We work with them all. But something you might not know about Outscape Constructions is that we have our own fabrication workshop and full-time fabricator. This means we can custom-build any aluminium gate or fence. We love working with aluminium in particular because it is:


  • Lightweight
  • Versatile
  • Durable and doesn’t rust


This provides our clients with the ultimate peace of mind that they’ll enjoy their custom-made fence for many years to come.


As part of our fencing and fabrication services, Outscape Constructions can not only make your fences and gates, but install them, too. This includes preparing the ground, doing footings, pillars, rendering, painting, and even any engineering that’s required. Some fences need Council approval - we can take care of all the paperwork for you and our work is covered by the appropriate building indemnity insurance.


Fabrication services for landscapers

We offer fencing and fabrication services to other landscapers in Adelaide


As landscapers ourselves, we know it’s really hard to find good quality, small-scale fencing and fabrication suppliers, so we developed our own solution. A fully-equipped workshop and an operator with decades of fabrication and powder-coating experience is available to custom-design and make aluminium fences and gates. There are no minimum orders and we specialise in small one-off work.

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