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Landscape Design and Construction 


If you are building a new home or renovating your property in Adelaide, a professional landscape design will provide you with a stylish, practical and enjoyable space for years to come.

At Outscape Constructions, our design process considers not just the site, but your personal style and lifestyle needs.  Our landscape design service creates stunning spaces for your enjoyment, including outdoor dining and entertaining, children's play areas, and raised garden beds.

Street appeal should never be underestimated for increasing the long-term capital value of your home.  Creating a front garden that is both appealing and easy to maintain is one of our areas of expertise.  Our landscape design can include automated watering systems and low maintenance plantings that thrive in Adelaide's temperate climate.

Traditional and heritage style homes in Adelaide suit a formal landscape design, but can also be composed with a more modern landscape design when structured elements are used.  Our landscape design service can develop concepts that will freshen up your home's appearance while retaining the traditional style.

For new homes in Adelaide, we can begin the landscape design as soon as you have building approval.  Working with your plans and liaising with your builder, we can assess the site and develop concepts for you.  Careful selection of suitable materials and colour schemes ensures your landscape design enhances your new home.


New home building sites take a toll on the soil no matter how careful your builders are; our landscape construction team will assess your soil quality and recommend a remediation plan before planting.

Our landscape design for Adelaide homes takes into consideration difficulties such as heatwaves in Summer, and can answer the challenge with a low water requirement garden that still provides lush greenery and shade.

Outscape Constructions is experienced working with swimming pool surrounds, with attractive solutions using hard wearing materials, drainage systems, and plants that don't have invasive root systems or drop too many leaves.

Practical inclusions such as easy access to amenity areas for clothes drying and rubbish removal are also part of our landscape design service, making sure your Adelaide home garden is both beautiful and functional.

Our landscape design and construction team in Adelaide offers specialty services in integrated lighting, water features, and sound systems to create the ultimate outdoor space.

Contact us to arrange a meeting, so we can better understand your vision and assess the site.  We can then prepare a landscape design and quote for your review.






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 Extended Services

  • Pool surrounds and coping
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Timber screens and features
  • Water features
  • Timber Decking 
  • Concrete and Paver sealing
  • Hard plastering and texture coating
  • Bob cat and excavator hire